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Transit in the News

Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: March 12, 2010

The Business Journal
Area split on high-speed rail, transit need

Business Week
Broad support for regional transit in Wisconsin

The Examiner
“Everybody is speaking in favor” of Transit bill, says Assembly

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Transit supporters push for RTA

We need RTA now

Missing the bus

Hines, others lobby for transit sales tax

Milwaukee Public Radio
Milwaukee Leaders Call for Sales Tax to Pay for Buses

Third Coast Digest
It’s time this train left the station | ThirdCoast Digest

Wisconsin Radio Network
Lawmakers tackle RTA issue

Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: March 5, 2010

The Bay View Compass
Call your representatives to support transit

The Daily Reporter
Transit Bill Amendments, Committee Hearing Scheduled

The Examiner
Transit Bill Amendments, Committee Hearing Scheduled

Milwaukee BizBlog
Mass transit is vital to southeastern Wisconsin

Milwaukee Journal Times
Bill could have public paying again for buses

Legislators unveil new transit tax plan

Regional transit vital to jobs, economy – Tim Sullivan and Sheila Cochran

Racine Journal Times
Transit without new taxes: lawmakers say it’s possible

Wauwatosa NOW
Legislation must be passed – now – Tim Sullivan and Sheila Cochran

Doyle opposes new regional transit plan


Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: February 12, 2010

The Examiner
Citizen Volunteers Hit Wauwatosa Streets to Win Support for Transit Bill

Franklin NOW
It’s time to solve Milwaukee County’s transit crisis

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Opinion: An RTA will spur economic growth – Alderman Dennis McBride

Wauwatosa NOW
It’s Now or Never to Fix Transit


Business Journal
Letters: Upgraded transit system important to region’s future

Racine Journal Times
Commentary: RTA legislation needed to provide economic boost


Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: February 5, 2010

Kenosha News
Regional services needed, find a way to pay (Bob Mariano, Dick Hansen)

Milwaukee Small Business Times (Blog)
Transit investments can drive Wisconsin’s economy forward  (Julia Taylor)

High-speed rail hits the Milwaukee junction

Regional transit is key to our economic future (Bob Mariano, Dick Hansen)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Letter to the Editor (Jeff Kober)

Oak Creek NOW
We need our legislators to fight for us (Jeff Kober)

Racine Journal Times
Commentary: Improved bus service, KRM needed for economy (Bob Mariano, Dick Hansen)



Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: January 29, 2010

The worst seems to be past (Julia Taylor)

Greendale NOW
We need our legislators to fight for us (Jeff Kober)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Transit, parks sales tax battle heats up”

Editorial: Milwaukee needs a transit authority now

Racine Journal Times
Commentary: Regional transit needed to fuel businesses, economy (Roger Caron)

Editorial: Transit bill holds good ideas

Blogs of interest
South Milwaukee’s 4th District: Where I stand on Regional Transit…and rail Transportation Development Association: Business leaders call for more transit in SE Wisconsin


Transit in the News Weekly Round Up: January 22, 2010

*Additional coverage of the January 19 news conference can be found here.*

Bay View Compass 
Supervisors Holloway and Mayo support dedicated transit funding

Daily Reporter:
Legislators roll out Regional Transit and Jobs Investment Act
Governor Doyle proposes commuter rail service for Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine

Milwaukee Business Journal
Legislation promises support for regional transit

Milwaukee Small Business Times:
 Business leaders call for improved mass transit in region

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
RTA plan would allow Milwaukee County sales tax for transit

Racine Journal Times
Walker: Fund transit with auto sales tax

Wisconsin Radio Network
 Dems propose RTA for southeastern Wisconsin
 Doyle Announces Bill To Create Transit Authority For SE Wisconsin
Gov. Doyle Unveils plan for Regional Transit Authority for Southeastern Wisconsin

Dem RTA Backers Blast Walker Over Opposition

Business Leaders Want Mass Transit Authority for SE Wis

Blogs of interest:
South Milwaukee’s 4th District: “A New Day for Regional Transit Dawns in South Milwaukee « South …”

Milwaukee County First: “New Transit Bill Introduced, Our Work Continues « Milwaukee County …”


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